Sell to Us

Do you have boxes of clothes your kids have outgrown & you just don’t know what to do with them? Look no further - we are here to help!

Please note - We are NOT currently accepting any NB-24M items unless they are small shop/high end brand items such as any bamboo brand, Jax + Lennon, Mebie Baby, Miles the Label, Portage + Main, etc.

First things first - ALL items must be freshly washed, free of stains/rips, folded neatly, snaps/zippers done up & packed in either a box or bag labeled with your name - items not following these guideline will NOT be accepted, no exceptions.

Items we accept - clothing free of stains/holes, gently used toys/books, gently used shoes.

Items we do NOT accept - baby blankets, underwear unless new in packaging, large toys, baby gear like high chairs, playpens, car mirrors, etc. 

You’ve made it this far? Great! We are so happy that you are interested in selling to us! Here’s how it works:

Once you fill out the form that’s at the end of this page, we will contact you within 3-5 business days to arrange pick up of your items, it is not uncommon for their to be a 1-2 week wait for pick up! Please ensure you are checking your junk mail folder for our email! You can also message us via our social medias or send us an email -

After items are picked up, we will sort them & get to work on an offer for you - how exciting! This can take anywhere from 3-5 business days - this is a one-woman show don’t forget!

We offer a 20-40% payout of our intended listing price. Once items are sorted, we will send you an offer including a breakdown of items we are interested in - if you accept our offer, we will send you an EMT within 24 hours! 

Brands that we offer a 20% payout on - Clothing - George, Carters, Joe Fresh, Old Navy, etc. Toys - Little Tykes, Fisher Price, etc.

Brands that we offer a 30% payout on - Clothing - Gap, H&M, Noppies, Zara, etc. Toys - Melissa + Doug, Lovevery, Hape, etc.

Brands that we offer a 40% payout on - Bonds, Little & Lively, Rowe, Whistle & Flute, Parade Organics, Kyte, The North Face, MEC, etc.

Please note - condition of item may play a factor in the percentage we pay out. 

If you have any questions about which payout category your items fall into, please send us an e-mail or reach out via one of our social media platforms.

Sometimes we have to pass on items due to overstock of a certain style/size or they’re items that just don’t sell well for us - you have the option of having these items dropped back off to you or we can donate them on your behalf. 

If interested in selling to us, please fill out the following form - 

Sellers Form